Introducing the World’s First Self Service Partner Automation Platform

FLOW creates a seamless experience to-and-through partners ensuring their entire independent indirect channel is a natural extension of their brand. Now, businesses working with partners can accelerate and optimize the entire partner-customer journey by automating sales, marketing and fulfillment processes. Results include higher revenue, faster velocity between partner processes and higher efficiency due to reduction in complexity on both the demand and the supply sides of the supply chain.
FLOW Partner Automation by TIE Kinetix

Control Brand, End-User Experience and Generate Demand through Partners

Channel partners are expected to represent your brand, actively market your products and generate demand. The simple truth is they can’t due to limited time, skills and resources.

FLOW helps your team and partner community by automating content adoption, co-branding and marketing tactics like social, email, AdWords, campaigns and many others – all creating a seamless customer experience.

Accelerate Online & Offline Sales through Partners

Converting leads into sales through partners is challenging. Your partners often have limited capabilities to follow up and convert.

FLOW enables partners to convert leads and sell more online by facilitating micro-shops for partners without an e-commerce presence. It helps partners to increase conversion in their existing web shops. FLOW also delivers your sales focused content and tools directly to partner rep mobile devices, desktops and intranets to facilitate the offline sale process.

Connect with Partners & Automate Business Processes

The fulfillment process through trading partners often leads to costly manual work, errors and too much paper. You and your partners have limited resources to optimize these processes.

FLOW automates inbound and outbound orders, invoices and other B2B documents between your brand, partners and customers. Easily connect your business apps with FLOW and leverage a rich library of connectors to exchange marketing, sales and logistics data with your partner community.

Leverage Actionable Data & Insights to Optimize the Partner Ecosystem

From sales and marketing to IT, finance and operation, it’s critical for all of your business stakeholders to understand what’s happening throughout your partner ecosystem.

FLOW gives you a 360 degree view on what’s influencing both sides of the demand and supply chain. Leverage actionable data and insights to constantly increase revenue and minimize cost for you and your partners.

System Integration to Streamline All Processes

All major processes of marketing, sales and fulfillment through partners require interaction and exchange of data, content and documents with existing 3rd party systems from both you and your partners.

FLOW seamlessly integrates with any existing 3rd party system like CMS, Marketing Automation, PRM, Sales Automation, ERP and many more to further reduce costly manual work and errors.


Protecting information is a top priority for companies in the modern connected world, especially in regards to securing high volumes of sensitive online information. When businesses and consumers are managing and transmitting private data over the Internet, there are enormous potential consequences if it is not handled properly. Ensuring the safety of that data is an integral part of FLOW:
  • Secures that you are compliant with the latest best practices, controls and industry standards
  • Information security controls in place to address security risks to keep data protected & secured

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