The Executive Challenge

As the Executive of a company, your are the main person everyone looks at and expects to have all the answers. That's quite a responsibility. Guiding your team through every day challenges and projecting the path for the future is not always easy but together with your team, you are working for success.

Channels are increasingly not just the one creating demand but creating business and sales. The functionality that TIE Kinetix has developed through FLOW means that they can actually close the deal, they can actually do the e-commerce piece as well. That’s unique.

Andy Gilbert
Group Account Director

The Solution

Leading a company is a huge responsibility and requires having a clear overview of today and tomorrow. FLOW provides you with the right tools to guide your team to success and keep the business going while expanding your business with new offerings, new partner channels, new markets and at the same time securing your existing business.

Brand Control & Demand Generation
Brand control and delivering a consistent end user experience across you partner network is essential in todays business. Generating traffic and demand with marketing activities is day-to-day practice to market your products and/or services. Marketing tactics like email campaigns, social media, promotions, events and google campaigns help drive traffic and demand to your partners.
FLOW helps to centralize and simplify delivery of a consistent message, traffic and leads across your partner community: 
  • Control the brand experience & messaging across all channels
  • Automate driving traffic for all channels within one solution
  • Measure & optimize your activities across all channel partners from one integrated platform
Lead & Sales Conversion
It isn't easy for your partners to convert the leads you deliver to them into sales. It is important to deliver the right lead to the right person at the right time. Determining which leads should not be distributed is just as important as determining what leads should be distributed. And your partners need the easy to use tools to manage and convert leads into sales.
FLOW enables you to control the complete lead & sales conversion process, online and offline:
  • Automatically distribute the right lead to the right person at the right time
  • Capture, qualify, rank and distribute leads in real-time from one, centralized location across your sales channels
  • Empower your partners to convert online and offline sales.
  • Real-time analytics & reporting of your complete lead conversion process
Supply Chain Integration
Exchanging documents, data, content and information with your trading partners can be very time consuming. Manual and paper-based processes are error prone and can be very costly for businesses to deal with when dealing with a extensive partner network.
FLOW gives you the solutions to automate this process, makes your business more efficient, reduces errors and increases velocity to keep your business and the FLOW going. 
  • Automate processes for data, content and document exchange to free up time to focus on core business activities 
  • Increase velocity and enable your partner network to exchange error-free orders with your business
Analytics & Optimization
Insight into data is essential in running a business and understand the success of your partners, your processes and your programs. Without data and reporting, it's almost impossible to steer and work towards the future. Reporting on all elements of the business helps you to optimize your business while not having to involve yourself in the day-to-day.
FLOW gives you a complete insight across all processes in the channel and supply chain. And the tools to improve and optimize.
  • Optimize business processes based on business intelligence and real-time statistics
  • Get complete insight & analyze all the business data to maximize results and performance
  • You are equipped to make the right decisions since you have access to all data in one, central location 
System Integration
The integration of systems to exchange data, content, documents and information can be challenging. Automation and integration can help and deliver value to contribute to more revenue and lower cost. Optimized business processes no longer depend on manual processing and enable a seamless experience. Additionally, automated processes tend to be less error prone.
FLOW enables:
  • Automated processes to reduce manual paper processing and minimize processing time
  • Integrate all existing internal and external systems for a seamless flow of data, content, documents and information
  • Accomplish effective business processes with resources focussed on the core business

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Deluxe Corporation Reference Video

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FLOW Partner Automation by TIE KinetixDownload Brochure

FLOW Partner Automation by TIE Kinetix

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Connection2 Reference Video

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