TIE Kinetix breaks through globally in the Automotive and B2B Tech industries with Ads for the Channel

Breukelen, the Netherlands – at 6 PM CEST

TIE Kinetix, the leading provider of Partner Automation solutions, announced today that it reached a breakthrough in the global Automotive and B2B Tech markets. Now, with the support of the brands, the traditional channel can compete against large online retailers in local online advertising.

Following the worldwide release of the Ads for the Channel solution, large enterprises selling through independent partners adopted the unique solution quickly. Based on the very successful initial local programs with high conversion rates and low cost per lead, several enterprises now start executing the program on a global scale.

Customers in the B2B Tech and Automotive have seen a very high return-on-investment and now roll out their online Ads programs across the globe. The Ads for the Channel solution was developed by TIE Kinetix following a strategic partnership agreement with Google. The solution is highly scalable and can be enrolled to unlimited partners without additional time and resources needed.

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE Kinetix states: “We are excited to see the success of our Ads for the Channel solution for our customers expanding across the globe. Our Ads for the Channel offering is opening up a market area that previously was not be leveraged by brands and manufacturers to generate demand and sales through their large partner network. We recognize the importance of channel sales and this offering addresses the need for an uninterrupted sales process and buyer’s journey. Aside from boosting channel sales, Ads for the Channel significantly increases the ROI of corporate and local marketing budgets.

For questions about this press release, please contact Patrick van Boom, Chief Marketing Officer of TIE Kinetix via Marketing@TIEKinetix.com.

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